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Bringing us closer to the things we love

Imagine a world where the really important things are a short trip away? No more endless hours in traffic; simply book a flight and enjoy travel that is at your convenience and affordable. We are bringing amazing aircraft to Australia and Oceania. A fleet that combines speed, reliability, cost savings and operational efficiency—starting with the world's first commercial-powered lift aircraft, the AW609. The Swiss-designed and built Aero3 combines innovative technology and sustainable transportation, hybrid-electrical power. The sleek TriFan 600 is fast and efficient and competes with small business jets, and then lands vertically to bring speed and low costs to today's traveller.

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Easy. Fast. Secure.

At V-Star Powered Lift Aviation, we believe that our solutions to our two business cases will be world-beating. Taking advantage of the flexibility of Powered lift platforms to do missions unheard of in recent history. AW609 is two aircraft for the price of one, bringing efficient cruise and outstanding hover performance. The ability to land or winch survivors from hostile environments at extreme long range; provides today's emergency services with a massive increase in operational effectiveness.


Designed for the harshest conditions

At V-Star Powered Lift Aviation, our experience in Search and Rescue and charter operations is significantly enhanced with the robust and cost-effective Aero3, Tilt-Wing aircraft. A design that has its origins in the highly successful test program of the Canadian CL-84. The Aero3 is a small utility aircraft that is very capable and ideal for any operation where our customers require a good payload and speed at an affordable price.



Designed and built by XTI Aircraft, TriFan 600 is in a class of its own. Sleek and fast at 300kts cruising speed, it brings you time to spare. Low costs ensure customers really benefit from the ample payload and fast delivery times. All in a spacious cabin with a low noise footprint and a sustainable power system.

Disclaimer Statement: "Aircraft is under development, all performance and cost numbers are notional and certified vehicle may differ."

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What's New


The CEO has once again presented at the AAUS Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Summit in Melbourne. He updated the audience of AAM delegates from the government, industry, academia and regulator CASA on our progress over the last year.

A signing ceremony with our foundation client Cyclotex was an exciting addition to V-Star's program. Cyclotex is a Leading radiopharmaceutical manufacturer, who has joined with V-Star to deliver vital medical products to regional hospitals. The CEOs of both companies signed an MOU to develop the capability with Dufour Aerospace Aero2 UAV. Greg Santamaria stated "Innovation and taking on new technology differentiates Cyclotek in its manufacturing and supply strategies. Companies must invest in R&D to modernise their platforms to capture global opportunities for all Australian and New Zealand patients, in major cities and regionally." 

The two companies are cooperating on a 2.6M AUD project to develop the capability, with several deliverables and learning opportunities, which will assist V-Star in further developing its capability to crewed aircraft. 

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