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"Powered-lift. A heavier-than-air aircraft capable of vertical take-off, vertical landing, and low-speed flight, which depends principally on engine-driven lift devices or engine thrust for the lift during these flight regimes and on non-rotating aerofoil(s) for lift during horizontal flight."

— ICAO Annex I, Chapter 1.1 Definitions

Powered Lift Aircraft are versatile, cost-effective and operationally efficient. Created by innovative technology and modern manufacturing materials, many designs are in various stages of design and development. V-STAR has secured agreements with some leading companies, such as Dufour Aerospace. We are bringing this technology early to Australia and the Oceania region.


What's New


The CEO has once again presented at the AAUS Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Summit in Melbourne. He updated the audience of AAM delegates from the government, industry, academia and regulator CASA on our progress over the last year.

A signing ceremony with our foundation client Cyclotex was an exciting addition to V-Star's program. Cyclotex is a Leading radiopharmaceutical manufacturer, who has joined with V-Star to deliver vital medical products to regional hospitals. The CEOs of both companies signed an MOU to develop the capability with Dufour Aerospace Aero2 UAV. Greg Santamaria stated "Innovation and taking on new technology differentiates Cyclotek in its manufacturing and supply strategies. Companies must invest in R&D to modernise their platforms to capture global opportunities for all Australian and New Zealand patients, in major cities and regionally." 

The two companies are cooperating on a 2.6M AUD project to develop the capability, with several deliverables and learning opportunities, which will assist V-Star in further developing its capability to crewed aircraft. 

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